Drama Obsession: The Return of Love Island

It has begun again. The continuous struggle of trying to get through a full day without seeing anything to do with Love Island. The show comprises of a bunch of people trying to pull a bunch of other people, with a few pointless “challenges” thrown in to over sexualise the whole ordeal.

Every single one of the conversations is either to do with the opposite sex, drama within the villa and meaningless drivel that either accentuates the contestant’s stupidity or sexuality. And everybody loves it.

“It’s mindless bullshit”

The True Geordie

Now, despite what you might think, I have absolutely no problem with anyone who watches or likes Love Island for the right reasons. Yes, sometimes you do just want to watch shit TV. Yes, the show has moments that are hilarious. Yes, it’s become a group activity that everyone gets involved in.

I, myself, watched last series in full, and have watched a few episodes of this series as well. However, I do question why everyone gets completely addicted to other people’s drama and pointless relationships which we see on Love Island. And it doesn’t stop there.

Other people’s reality TV relationships seem to take over our lives

The drama obsession lives and breathes throughout the University Social Sphere. Everyone loves to be able to talk about how other people suffer, watch other people suffer and experience it as long as it is far enough away to not have any effect on them. We are all guilty of it in one way or another, and the further from ourselves the drama is, the harsher we are and the more willing we are to laugh at people’s weaknesses and issues. This is why the Twitter-sphere irritates me during Love Island.

Some quality editing from myself

If the person on screen was a very close friend of yours, I don’t think anyone’s reaction within your social network would be the same as it is without knowing any of those on the show. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how warped the opinions of certain actions are depending on the relationship with the person doing those actions.

If one of your friends had sex on TV, you’d probably defend their actions and believe it’s an okay thing to do. I doubt you’d do the same for the current Islanders.

My general belief is that we all get wrapped up in the drama obsessed society due to our pack-like nature. Everyone else is gossiping, so we gossip. On top of this, the social media age, where we pick out every one of our own flaws as well as spotting everyone else’s, absolutely helps to cement this attitude in our minds.

The mindset is toxic but it’s nigh on impossible to avoid. It’s already ingrained within us, and it’s not going to leave anytime soon.

The problem with all of this is that, when it comes down to it, we can’t help ourselves. We simply have to gossip, as we are incapable of keeping our mouths shut when it comes to other people’s business. We live in a totally comparative era, where everyone wants to be better than everyone else.

It speaks volumes that we rate ourselves as happier if we are better off than the people around us. This is literally one of the factors affecting our national happiness. Maybe we’d be truly happier if there was no comparison at all.

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