Football Index: Use your Knowledge to make Money

Football is the biggest sport in the world. In my opinion, it’s the best sport in the world, but of course that’s just an opinion. To put it more generically, men, on average, spend more than 2 years of their entire life just watching sport from their sofa. What tends to happen when you spend this much time watching, playing and obsessing over a game, is you gain some serious knowledge.

By knowledge, I mean you learn about players, tactics, the media, who performs well consistently, who’s starting every week and everything in between. Not only that, but you know it like the back of your hand. I’m sure all of you have either been involved in a heated conversation about football or got very bored of everyone else having a heated conversation about football. Now, why would you not turn that knowledge that you’ve gained over the years and turn it into cash.

Gambling on football can be fun. Football Index is better.

This is where I come to Football Index. It is quite simply a stock market for football players. Whether you try to judge your purchases on the future value of players, or whether you target dividends is completely up to you, but when it comes to determining who you’re going to buy, you already have the footballing knowledge backing you up.

Now, you are of course going to have to educate yourself on the platform. To help get you started, I’ll give you a very brief summary of the way the market works. Players values go up and down purely based on demand. The more people buying the player, the higher the value, it’s as simple as that. Every matchday, the best performing players in each position (attack, midfield, defence) and the overall best player all receive Matchday Dividends. On top of this, the most talked about player in the media also gains, in the form of Media Dividends. You then judge when to buy and sell your shares (called futures) based on their value, expected demand and dividend earnings.

You do have to adapt to the way the platform changes. For example, over the summer when there are no matches, 5 players each day are paid out in Media Dividends, what they call Summer Media Madness. So, in the summer, you rearrange your portfolio to gain Media Dividends instead of Matchday Dividends. It’s not difficult and as long as you stay clued into any changes you’ll be absolutely fine.

I put £1500 into this platform a couple of months ago, my shares have grown in value by approximately 5%, my dividend earnings are over £50, and I have only slightly adjusted my shares since I started. I took a small amount of time learning how the platform works, granted, but there are absolutely hundreds of sources for learning, whether you like podcasts, blogs, articles, twitter users etc. It’s easy, and if you love football as much as I do, it’s a lot of fun.

Your first £500 invested is risk-free. I couldn’t recommend it more highly if you’ve got the foundation of football knowledge, and start watching your passive income grow.

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