Anything but Exams: My ways to productively procrastinate

As I presume has become apparent, my main goal in life is to have financial freedom and to be running my own successful business. For some reason, I can’t imagine spending my whole life working for someone else, and that lifestyle definitely doesn’t appeal to me. So, despite my occasional foray into the Netflix abyss, I try my best to procrastinate in the most productive way possible.

My first way is what I call my ideas page. I have a document which I like to add to, delete things from, and generally let my imagination run free on. Any ideas for the future that pop into my head go on this page, whether it is a brand I want to build, a company that I want to start or a book I want to write. A few snippets from my own are potential YouTube channels to start, blog post ideas, Business plans both in progress and finished and much more. This helps me withdraw from any exam stress I may be feeling, it seems productive, and it helps keep my brain stimulated.

“Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.”

Alfred North Whitehead

Another thing I have been doing more recently is reading. I don’t read fiction books anymore, they don’t interest me as much as they did when I was younger. If anything, reading non-fiction has expanded my imagination more than any fiction book could. It helps me focus on realistic things that current sit in the realm of imagination. Check out my previous post on my favourite books I’ve read recently for more of an insight: . Unfortunately, a habit I’ve fallen into is filling up my Amazon basket with books I want to read, without the ability to buy them. So if anyone’s willing to donate me £63 for my first batch of books from my basket, it would be most welcome.

I also like to tell myself that writing a blog post is productive. It’s something to do when I’m not in the mood to do proper work. In a way, I see it as practicing for the future. Trying to build up a skill in writing can never be bad, surely. Especially in a way where you are forced to be engaging. Where revision can be tedious, writing this blog never is. Whether 150 people read it, or 3 people read it, I’m slowly building an ability to be engaging, honest and entertaining in my writing. A virtual gift of the gab, if you will.

Finally, what I consider the most important step of productively procrastinating, is doing something you enjoy. All these aforementioned activities are enjoyable to me, but I’m also talking about leisure. Going out and playing football for an hour, going for a walk, listening to a podcast or basically doing anything you enjoy for a short period will boost your mood and if that’s not productive, I don’t know what is. Get outside though, because anything outside will boost your mood more than sitting inside.

Something like Netflix just makes you feel like you’ve wasted your time. If you can take one thing from reading this post, make it this: Either get your mind moving or your body moving, otherwise you’re not being productive.

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