Education is your Motivation

I’ve spent many weeks trying to motivate you to get off your ass and make some money. What I also want to do is help you push yourself in your studies. If you have read all my posts, you may have noticed a running theme. No, not money, not university, but EDUCATION. Everyday you wake up, you open yourself up to a massive variety of information, more information than has ever been available to humans. Everything you do, you had to learn, whether you taught yourself or were taught by someone else, whether it was active or passive, whether you understood it straight away or it took you years to learn. Education is the fundamental truth behind everything you do. So why do you so often shun it?

Shunning education is one of the most foolish things you can do. Now, don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not talking about missing lectures, I’m talking about missing the opportunities to learn something truly NEW. I’m talking about every minute you spend procrastinating, that you could be spending learning something that will benefit you.

Right now, while I write this post, I am not only teaching myself to write more concisely but also about the things I am passionate about. I am slowly learning how to market myself, how to come across to others and everything else that writing a blog brings. In the future I aim to learn about advertising within blogs, I aim to push the boundaries of what I can create with this.

Loving learning should be pushed to everyone, not just kids

The joy is, you can benefit yourself while enjoying yourself. Learning is not the horrific experience that school classrooms may have been. If school classrooms were bad for you, it’s because you weren’t learning about the things that mattered to you. Educating yourself is to push yourself towards what YOU want to do. So why haven’t you done it yet?

Now comes the motivational part. I want you to pose 3 questions to yourself:

  1. What do I want to push myself towards?
  2. Why have I not started educating myself?
  3. What’s holding me back?

The first question gives you your motivation. If you can come up with a goal for yourself that you truly want, it will provide you with the motivation to chase it. Reaching that goal has got to be the thing you strive for, otherwise, what’s the point? You might not have started educating yourself properly for many reasons. It’s tough to pinpoint one, but you need to recognise the thing stopping you and beat it. It’s the only way. With regards to your education, often the thing holding you back will be a lack of realisation. You have either:

  • Not realised your true goal, one that will drive you
  • Not realised your true potential, one that you will drive towards

REALISE THEM BOTH, because that’s the only way your going to push yourself on to something great. Stop holding yourself back, the more you do, the less you learn. The less you learn, the less success you’ll reach. Think about it.


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