Recognise, Take and Benefit: Opportunities

Many of you will have seen adverts for Cheltenham this week. This sort of event is a big money making opportunity. I enjoy the races, and so was reaping the benefits of many offers and deals shown off by many sites. The first of which was the Sky Bet £20 risk on the first race of the day every day. In 4 days, using matched betting techniques, these made me over £50 withdraw-able cash. The joy of this deal was that every withdrawal had cleared in my bank account by the next day. Risk-free, free money, and all it takes is a bit of learning.

However, what I find unbearable is the continued complaints of people who perhaps could use an extra £50. “I wish I could get a takeaway but I can’t afford it” is one of the more common ones when you’re eating a Domino’s in front of someone. The reason I can buy this takeaway and you can’t, is simply down to opportunity. Stop missing opportunities, and start earning from them.


I would put two reasons to the top of the list for why people miss opportunities:

  1. Risk
  2. Lack of confidence
A vital lesson to learn is to manage risk

Risk is obvious. People don’t want to mess up and lose their money. People also don’t want to risk winning on a free bet just in case they lose their winnings on more bets. Getting rid of the risk is easy. If you absolutely hate taking risks, TAKE THE RISK FREE OPPORTUNITIES. If you’re not a big fan of risk, LEARN. The more you educate yourself, the more you reduce risk. And if you love risk, this isn’t going to be your issue.

Lack of confidence is harder to get over. This refers to two things, lack of confidence in yourself and lack of confidence in the systems. Lack of confidence in yourself goes away, once again, with education. EDUCATING YOURSELF on a system will help you realise that you are capable of taking the opportunities presented to you, while giving yourself a new skill. You wouldn’t buy a house to rent out, risking say £100,000 if you had no idea what you were doing, would you? An educated investor, however, knows what they are doing, and hence they have confidence, reduced risk, and a much clearer idea of how much profit they can make. Education builds understanding, confidence (in yourself and the system) and profits.


A costly opportunity that I missed

Recognising opportunities takes time, learning and experience. Once you spot an opportunity once, you will continue to spot it. However, the mistake many people make, often myself included, is to blind yourself from new opportunities. This is because you continue taking the opportunities you know, which is good, but then shun any other opportunity that may be outside of your comfort zone. I myself have been kicking myself about not taking an opportunity I spotted about a year ago until last month. Football Index was a new upcoming betting/investing hybrid, slowly gaining attention. I had always wanted to try it, but thought it wasn’t worth risking my money at the time. I now have approximately £200 in the Index, and have stayed more or less break even since I started. If I had started a year ago, when I recognised this opportunity, that £200 could be worth approximately £2000. If I had starting educating myself on Football Index when I first saw it, I could’ve been investing within a month of finding it. Unfortunately, I didn’t, and I’ve missed out on a hefty profit margin. If you believe in something, learn about it. The more you learn, the more opportunities you will be able to recognise and subsequently take.

Opportunities come to us every day. The ability to make money is out there for everyone. Learning to recognise opportunities, whatever they may be, may just push you forward to a level of knowledge you never knew you could reach.

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