Goals, dreams, objectives or whatever you want to call them are often the things that keep us going when times are at their hardest. Whether you’ve achieved thousands of them, or none of them, the ability to strive for your goals push you continuously and help you to never give up. Many people get caught in a rut between goals, they get lazy, because they live within the pride of completing it, and then wallow when that pride goes away. To continue setting, striving for and achieving goals is truly one of the most vital tools for maintaining a high level of motivation.

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”

Andrew Carnegie

One thing often forgotten is that you need to push yourself to set achievable goals. Once a goal is reached, it’s often easy to either set your next goal far too high, setting yourself up for failure, or to not set the next target, procrastinating in the form of glorifying your own success. Now, I’m not saying people shouldn’t “reach for the stars” and all that, but no-one goes from their first small goal to their dream in one step. That’s just a fact. The key to many people’s success was that they set smaller, achievable goals with “the stars” very much in their mind’s eye. Achievable, but not yet.

Setting goals isn’t easy. Pushing yourself isn’t easy. Let’s be honest, 99% of the good things in life aren’t easy. You may be living in your comfortable setting, doing what you want, not improving but not in a bad way by any means. Where is the enjoyment, where’s your challenge and why aren’t you striving for better? Better is just around the corner, often closer than you think. Small changes like this can push you that way, and then even if you go back to comfort, that comfortable position is better than where you were before. THERE IS NO DOWN SIDE. Yet so many fail to do it.

Sometimes you will fail. Yes, it sucks. It feels like it’s never going to end and all that you can do is sit and wallow in your failure. Any goal you’ve previously achieved has become somewhat irrelevant and it’s hard to get back to your best. The strongest take their failures, and study them, and then drive themselves until they achieve the next win. They set themselves a challenge, that they WILL achieve, and that’s how they strive. You know what goal feels the best to hit? Not the end goal, but the goals straight after a failure. These feel fantastic, and these are what YOU should push for.

You’re capable. What the hell is stopping you.

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