The Life Changing Magic of Doing

If you have followed my blog from the beginning, you will know a lot of what I say tends to try and push my readers towards action. This is in the form of advice, different methods for making money and basically any other form of pushing my opinions as possible. Despite this, my intentions are good. I am always trying to help push people to better themselves, as I try to do myself. The response has generally been good, with a slowly growing following and people giving me positive feedback. I’ve had people speaking to me about how they have thought about starting Matched Betting for example, and others say they agree with my views on surrounding yourself with good people, and it’s great to build this rapport with anyone reading. However, I hear a lot of words coming out of peoples’ mouths and very little action being taken.

“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did”

Newt Gingritch

To say you’re going to make a change is a great start, don’t get me wrong, but to then do absolutely nothing about it stops any sort of progress. You’re cheating yourself if you think you’re bettering yourself by doing nothing. I know far too many people who act high and mighty based on the fact they’ve said they will make a change, and then look the fool when they fall back into the same mindset, same situation and without any alterations to their life whatsoever. We live in a society of talkers, tweeters, posters. I, too, fall into this category. However, you can be both a talker and doer. To talk about making a change is fine, in the same way that stating your opinion is fine. However, if you state your opinion on a subject, and then make an action in opposition to this, you are labelled a hypocrite. If you say you will make a change, and then take no action to do so, you aren’t labelled anything. Labelling may not be a positive thing in the first place, but regardless, if you say you will make a change and then do nothing, I am labelling you a bottler.

Don’t be the bottler, be the doer

Now, I make no intention to offend. I actually commend the initial want to make a change. Change can be difficult, painful and is often hard work. However, if you are true about wanting to make a change for the better, then you should not back out. If you back out, you were never true. If you’re not willing to put work into improving yourself, what does that say about your attitude? Maybe another change is in order. There are thousands of talkers and many of them are, as I say, bottlers. To be the doer, is to be the one who advances, improves and in the long run, succeeds. Don’t get stuck in a monotonous life you are too afraid to escape, imprisoning yourself should never be the life you lead.

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

Steve Jobs

To do is to be courageous. It may be scary to do something that leads to bettering yourself. You may be judged. You may even fail. But there are unending opportunities for those who do. None of the innovations in this world have been created by talkers. None of the richest people in the world are just talkers. Most importantly, the most fulfilled people in the world, they don’t bottle it. Once they became doers, the world was at their fingertips. Unending opportunities. Absolutely unending. I urge you to do, and not to bottle. If you falter, learn, but never stop doing. Once you stop doing, you start restricting yourself.

I hope this will motivate you start changing for the better. I hope this will urge you to just take a single, true look at yourself. I hope this has a positive effect on you, and most notably, your actions. Being true with yourself is the only way to start, and to improve yourself will lead you to a happier, more exciting and generally better life. And if you see me “bottling” it, let me know, give me a slap, and try and push me back on track. No-one changed the world by not acting on what they believe in.

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