Welcome to my blog! What was initially the perfect way to procrastinate has actually started to excite me a bit, so here it goes! I’m a second year Economics student at the University of Birmingham, and at this point in my degree, I am bored of having next to no work to do, unmotivated and want to earn some money. In fact, the only reason I have enough money to get through the term is because I spend my evenings writing blog posts, trying to think up business plans or sitting in trying to work out why I don’t have enough money, instead of going out.

That being said, I was clever enough to not have gone out at the beginning of the year and got a job. Incredibly forward thinking, I know! I’ve had a few weekends work here and there, and pissed that money away, so I’m trying to change my attitude to money. I’ve invested some savings, I’ve tried most of the ways that the World Wide Web suggests for making some money while being a student, even survey answering (that was a sad evening), and I have very little to show for it.

So, in this blog, I will be sharing my journey through the low earning world of student money-making schemes, alongside my views on university, money itself, gambling and many other obscure topics that seem to be taking over my life at the moment! I hope you enjoy coming along with me through the ever-interesting lifestyle of university when you can’t be bothered to work and hopefully you might learn a thing or two from my nonsense ramblings.

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